Fall Fundraiser 2019

What’s happening???

The Wishing Wall

During Coffee Hour on Sunday October 27, and November 3

Many of you are not gamblers.  You’d like to help the church, but prefer not to purchase some of our great auction items.  Or maybe you can’t attend the HCC Off Broadway evening event on November 3.  Not to worry.  You can still help out at the Wishing Wall.  You’ll see a giant display by the piano in the Fellowship Hall. 

On Sunday October 27 and November 3, there will be a “Wishing Wall” on display.  There are notes on a staff.  Each note represents a need by a board, committee, staff member or mission of the church.  The items on the wall range in price, from $5 for coffee in the office to $100 for a new banner for the sanctuary and many other wishes in between. 

Check it out to see if there’s something you can do to help some of HCC’s wishes come true.

Nancy Hansberry, Heather Collins, Tracey Kelley, Carolyn Antoine

The Famous Basket Raffle

During Coffee Hour on Sunday October 27, and November 3

Back by popular demand is the famous basket raffle.  We’ve been busy filling up these Broadway themed baskets which will be on display on Sunday October 27 and November 3.  When you purchase your raffle tickets, you can choose what baskets you might like to win the most!

Raffle Tickets are:
1 ticket for $1
6 tickets for $5
13 tickets for $10
30 tickets for $20

Good luck!

Linda Ricciardelli, Lynn Powell-Pinto, Rosemary Arthur