All the Preparing!

In October and December of 2016, I made my way to Fenway Health to ready myself medically. I saw a nurse, a doctor, and some other kind administrative people who helped me figure out which vaccines I would need to update and which medicines I should keep on hand while in Guatemala. Just preparing for the trip has been such an adventure and I cannot help but feel grateful for all the folks who have helped me know how to prepare. The folks in Fenway but also all of YOU! From tree sales to lobster rolls – HCC has rallied for the empowerment of our High Schoolers, once again.

I remember going on these trips in rural North Carolina as an adolescent. The new faces, the silly songs, the deep reflections, the new visual stimulation – it was all so much to help me grow. As our group moves into final preparation, please continue praying that we will remain Christ-centered and keeping the important stuff in mind. Pray for our peace. All folks are anxious when traveling and some of us have a harder time managing this. Send us love as we pack and do our very best to ensure our safety and those who we lead. Pray that even the youngest people on our trip will have opportunities to lead. Send us courage and strength in your prayers. Remind us through the divine that our hands are our own but also are God’s.

I pray that we do not get so caught up in details that we miss the big picture – sights as we travel, new faces, important cultural differences – deep theological connections in the midst of cultural dissonance. Emmanuel. God is with us.

Categories: Guatemala 2017
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