In the June Horizons newsletter, Rev. Pete referred to the church renewal and construction project as an “Adventure”.  I like this way of thinking about it.  Because what makes an adventure so exciting is that there can be some surprises.  Well, that’s what our church construction project is revealing to us…some surprises!  Managing this process for a church that was built in 1847 is filled with surprises and creating quite a challenge for the Building and Grounds team, our architectural firm, (RDA), and Acella, our Construction Management firm.

First, by digging beneath the surface of our grounds in order to create the pit for the elevator, we’ve discovered a higher than expected water table and some soil issues.  Then, by attempting to remove some of the walls in order to create the patio doors, major foundation issues were revealed.  In addition, the town wiring inspector has determined that while originally he wanted us to change SOME of the electrical wiring in the church, he is now requiring that we update ALL of the wiring in the church because he has deemed all the old wiring unsafe and out of date.

We are not worried by any of these set-backs.  The team is on top of all these issues, and while we are challenged with finding solutions, please know that the solutions are there, and the end result will be a much more welcoming and safer facility – our goal from the beginning.

However, due to these surprises, there may be some delays in our schedule.  We will let you know when we have more information as to the impact on our schedule.  We’ve asked before, but we are asking again for your patience.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss any concerns you might have with anyone on the Building and Grounds team.  I feel blessed to be able to serve our church in this way, and I know that the rest of the Building and Grounds team feels the same way.  Even with all these challenges, the project is still exciting and still feels like an adventure.

Kathi Blair

Chairperson Building and Grounds Task Force


Categories: Renovation
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