OCTOBER 28, 2016
The Building and Grounds team is very excited to report that we’ve received a temporary certificate of occupancy through the Town of Hingham to return to our sanctuary for worship services on Sundays throughout the remainder of the construction period, starting this Sunday, October 30th.
This is a huge milestone for the project and for HCC. We are finally back home!
This temporary CO comes with restrictions however, and the Building and Grounds team, as well as Acella, our Construction Management team, wants to make sure everyone understands what the restrictions are.
First, we allowed access while under the protection of a Fire Watchperson on Sundays because our Fire Protection system is not fully operating yet. Second, for our safety, we are permitted to use the sanctuary and the new 2nd floor bathrooms ONLY for now. Please know that the 2nd floor bathrooms are still a work in progress, and the vanities are only temporary. But they are usable.
We are not permitted to enter the rest of the building. The first floor is off limits.
Please respect this restriction. The building is still under construction and is still a hard-hat area.
As soon as more parts of the building are open for our use, we will notify you. Very soon, we will be permitted to occupy the second and third floor classrooms, but not quite yet. So for now, church school will be held in the church office building next door for the younger kids, and the folks at the G.A.R. have graciously granted us use of their hall for the older kids. Sara will be reaching out directly to the church school families with more information.
When coming to church, please use the sanctuary entrance ONLY. The Pleasant Street doors will not be access doors until further notice,
(except as emergency egress).
That’s it everyone. Welcome home!
Categories: Renovation
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