Day 3

Hello friends and family!

Today was our first day of volunteer work with the Mayan Family organization. We started off the day with a delicious breakfast across the street, and then we traveled by truck to the Mayan Family headquarters in town. The preschoolers put on a dance performance for us, and it was very cute and fun! After that we learned how to build a stove, and I don’t think I was the only one who was a bit confused about the steps. After a few short delays, we traveled to the next town over, San Jorge, to have lunch and help out at a food shelter for the elderly. As we were taking shifts with serving the elderly we started a game of soccer with the local children. It was great to interact with these boys without having to worry about the language barrier. Once we were done at the food shelter, we split up in our groups to build our first stoves. Each team finished quickly and efficiently, and being able to help the locals even more was very rewarding. Once we were back in our hometown of Panajachel we had some down time to shop and walk around in groups before we went out to dinner. The dinner was very delicious, and I’m convinced that Guatemala has the best food! To finish off the day we gathered as a group to worship and reflect on our amazing and eye-opening day. I’m looking forward to an even more eventful and fun day tomorrow!

-Renee Noordzij

See photos of day 3 HERE

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