Day 4

On this day of our adventures in Pana we traveled to the town of San Antonio. It was a long and bumpy ride in the back of the trucks, but the view of the three volcanoes and the lake was worth the drive. Once we arrived we were greeted with open arms by the preschoolers, they also sang us a wonderful song. Group one took the older kids to the soccer court to play around, while group two stayed at the school to learn the kids names and talk to the children and teachers. After a while the groups switched and when group two returned to the school they began to assemble the water filters for two families. After saying our goodbyes we traveled up the road to a pottery shop and some of us purchased some beautiful art work. Next was lunch, we couldn’t wait! Everyone was extremely hungry, and as a result we devoured the PB and Js or ham and cheese sandwiches. Despite wanting to rest we once again were on the move as we went to a local Mayan Families community farm. We were able to look at the great progress the Mayan women were making and the fascinating terrace farming. After that quick visit we continued on back to the hotel, however as we drove along we saw clouds and fog quickly approaching us, we prepared for the worst and began to put rain jackets on. But we were releaved to find out that it was not going to rain on us. We then have two hours to walk around Pana and relax, but at 4 we were assigned teams and had to complete a scavenger hunt. (Team Rowley won btw) We then headed over to get dinner at a nice restaurant and while we were eating all the lights went off and people had to turn on their phone flashlights, and once they had fixed the lights they had turned off again, but after the second time they stayed on. Once back at the hotel we went up stairs to the roof where we had our meeting to finish off the day.

Tucker Rowley and Spencer Havens

View photos from day 4 HERE

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