Day 5

We started our day as usual with breakfast across the street from the hotel. We then moved on to getting supplies for the six stoves that we were going to install (3 per group). There were a lot of concrete pieces to the stoves, so we had to get an extra van for people to ride in to get to our sites (instead of just riding in the trucks). On our way to the sites, the few of us who were riding in the trucks with the building materials were afraid that we weren’t going to make it up the steep hills. The people who were riding in the van had to get out and walk up one of the steep roads, because the van couldn’t make it. We passed a lot of young kids standing on the sides of the roads watching us go by and when we would say “Hola”, they would always wave back. We got to our sites and began to install the stoves in the Guatemalan’s houses in Pena Blanca. After installing four of the stoves, we had lunch on the side of a road which was shrouded in clouds. After that, we moved on to our last stoves and got them done quickly. It was great to see the appreciation on the faces of the all the different people we visited. Without all of the stove supplies, on the way back we were all able to get into the pickup trucks and didn’t need the van. We were all very tired from what was our biggest work day yet. After relaxing for a while and showering, we played a group game which was centered around team communication. Finally we went to dinner at a restaurant down the street from our hotel called El Bistro. Lots of people had pasta and pizza and it was great.

Kiernan and Jack

See pictures from day 5 HERE

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