Day 6

Today we woke up and had breakfast, as usual. Around nine, we walked to the docks of Lake Atitlan and boarded a boat called the Victoria. Headed across the lake to San Juan, we jammed to some pump up tunes like Funkytown and Eye of the Tiger. Once docked in San Juan, we had two hours to explore the shops and galleries. Some activities included browsing art galleries, shopping, and a weaving tour. We then headed back to Panajachel and then readied ourselves to install two stoves. As we headed to Tierra Linda, the drizzling rain turned into a downpour. Luckily, the truck drivers had tarps, so we remained relatively dry. However, the rain turned the waterfall a chocolatey brown. The installations went quite smoothly apart from the rain, and we returned to our hotel quickly. Next, we walked to dinner at a restaurant called Atlantis. Prior to getting our food, almost everyone was playing some sort of card game. After dinner, around 8:30, we had our nightly worship, here we also began our affirmations. — Annie Larsen and Kate Stupin

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Categories: Guatemala 2017
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