Day 7

This morning we had our last breakfast at the hotel before heading the the Mayan Families area to look at handmade crafts made from beads by the people the organization supported. We soon left for a preschool in El Barranco and read the books that were donated to the kids before going outside to play games like red light green light, cat and mouse, and on the playground. As the children were leaving, we ate lunch and head to build our last two stoves (one pet group). We returned to Panajachel and got our last view of the beautiful scenery of the lake and volcanoes on the truck ride. We did some last minute shopping before going to the Hope for Animals program run by Mayan Families. This program took place at the home of the founders of Mayan Families, Dwight and Sharon. We saw puppies, cats, and three kittens. We went to the hotel to change for our Farewell dinner at Mayan Families. We had delicious fries and a great dinner and dessert while watching a video slideshow of all the pictures taken of us throughout the trip. We came back to the hotel for our last worship and to pack before leaving for Guatemala City.

Clare Trinchet

See Pictures from day 7 HERE

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