Guatemala 2017

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Day 7

This morning we had our last breakfast at the hotel before heading the the Mayan Families area to look at handmade crafts made from beads by the people the organization […]

Day 6

Today we woke up and had breakfast, as usual. Around nine, we walked to the docks of Lake Atitlan and boarded a boat called the Victoria. Headed across the lake […]

Day 5

We started our day as usual with breakfast across the street from the hotel. We then moved on to getting supplies for the six stoves that we were going to […]

Day 4

On this day of our adventures in Pana we traveled to the town of San Antonio. It was a long and bumpy ride in the back of the trucks, but […]

Day 3

Hello friends and family! Today was our first day of volunteer work with the Mayan Family organization. We started off the day with a delicious breakfast across the street, and […]

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We’ve made it to Guatemala, and are beginning our week of service to the Mayan Families organization. Check back each day to see more pictures, and follow our blog on the left as we talk about all we’re doing.

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Travel days Saturday and Sunday

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Monday, June 26

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Tuesday June 27

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Wednesday, June 28

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Thursday, June 29

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Friday, June 30