Summer Reads

For this summer, I want to put 2 summer reads forward to our congregation. Each of these books will have a 3-4 week group this fall. Neither book is a ‘cup of tea’ so I encourage you to look elsewhere for that sort of reading as such reading is, of course, restorative. The first read I suggest relates to my travels to the UCC Synod and has been placed forward by the national church. The book is Evicted: Poverty and Profit in The American City and the author is Matthew Desmond. Learn more about Desmond’s book here: This book will be explored in November and December as the cold truly returns to New England.

The second book is called Beautiful Boy and the author is David Sheff. This book gives a clear picture of a father’s experience of working to support an adolescent and young adult struggling with addiction. The father also works to support the entire family and find himself in a harrowing journey. Learn more about Sheff’s book here: This book will be explored in September and October.

So many of us are touched by struggles of addiction and mental illness and as statistics show us, we definitely have neighbors and friends who are struggling with housing. Knowing this, we educate ourselves and lean into God’s call to neighbor love.

Each of these reading groups will be faith based; please let me know if you have questions about either.

Peace of Christ,


PS: Beautiful Boy (by David Sheff) book study and reflection will take place on Sept. 29, Oct. 6 and Oct. 27 just after worship. We encourage participation and anyone can come, even if they have simply watched the movie.