The planning has begun!

The Christmas trees are gone and we’ve made a great start on our fundraising.

Guatamala Mission Trip Leadership Teams
from planning meeting 12/11/2016

Adult Leaders going to Guatemala: Peter Allen, Tracy Allen, Sara Holland, Greg Stupin, Stephanie Minister, Tim Nash, Stacy Havens, Chris Larsen

Leadership Teams:
1) Mission Trip Operations: Pete Allen, Greg Stupin, Sara Holland, Stacy Havens, Tracy Allen
Responsible for: serving as primary contact with Mayan Families, creating and facilitating the itinerary for the week, designing program details, assigning small groups of leaders and teens for the week, updating website regularly in preparation, ensuring that daily updates are posted to the website during the trip

2) Culture and Spiritual Preparation: Pete Allen, Sara Holland, Guillermo Trinchet, Jody Trinchett
Responsible for: activities/discussion topics to engage in prior to departure, providing one or more “language nights” in preparation, deciding on what type of collection or drive to engage in and facilitating it (in order to be able to provide needed items to Mayan Families), detailing how we will (and who will) communicate to the church in worship upon our return

3) Medical: Tracy Allen, another kind soul TBA
Responsible for: contacting/maintaining communication with local hospital/clinics in the area where we will be traveling, keeping group up-to-date with CDC travel recommendations, ensuring vaccines are obtained, drafting and collecting health information/allergy info for each participant in January 2017, creating first aid kits, updating website regularly in preparation, handling medical issues/med delivery during the trip

4) Travel Arrangements: Stacy Havens, Jody Nash, Stephanie Minister
Responsible for: obtaining pertinent information from group members for travel purposes, serving as primary contact with travel agency, researching and purchasing plane tickets for the group, arranging travel to/from Logan airport, creating and distributing a packing list, ensuring passports are obtained, updating website regularly in preparation — including general best practices

5) Fundraising: Tim Nash, Chris Larsen, Mark Minister, Terri Humphreys (l.rolls)
Coaches/Mentors: Paul Jeffrey, Norm Lamonde, Kit Schlosky
Responsible for: organizing and executing fundraising activities, communicating with the Operations Team and Travel Arrangements Team re: budget/financial details

**Elise Burns will be working with the Juniors to design and order the tee-shirts that we’ll be wearing the day of our departure.

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