This Week at HCC

  This Week at HCC
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Sunday, August 25, 9:00 am  

Hingham Congregational Church  

378 Main Street, Hingham MA 02043

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August 25 –

9 am Worship

Rev. Dr. Pete Allen, preaching





September 1 –  

10 am Communion Worship

Rev. Dr. Pete Allen, preaching


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A note form Pete
A Note from Sara
HCC & friends to see New England Revolution!.
Summer Reads
HCC Next Confirmation Class
Super Saturday
Alter Flowers
Green Tip of the Week
Summer Music
September Horizons
Homecoming Sunday and Picni
What’s Happening this Week

A note from Pete…  
Dear Friends,
On Sunday, we will be celebrating freedom – freedom from all that oppresses and shadows us and our neighbors and freedom to be the kind of people God calls us to be. Please come and be a part of the celebration! There will be special music and we will pray together, as always, for those who are trapped and held back. Let’s stick together and work for the liberation of all!
September 1: Back to 10 a.m. 
Rev. Dr. Peter Allen
Senior Pastor,
Hingham Congregational Church,
United Church of Christ


Cell: 203-522-3685

Church Office:

A note from Sara …
Christian Education             This Week August 22nd 2019
Dear Church,
We are seeking recruits to attend the New England Revolution game this Saturday night. We will leave from the church at 6:15 pm and head back to HCC once the game ends. Please RSVP here: –  ALL AGES WELCOME! Friends of HCCers welcome too – come one come all! Cost should not be prohibitive – we are happy for folks to come ready to just enjoy or pay HCC back for the ticket cost – either way we are happy you join!
On Sunday morning our kids will experience a story of healing of welcome. We hope to see the young person/people in your family!
We are still looking for church school teachers – do let us know if you have any leads and also let Sara know if you have a place in mind where you could post a flyer – any coffee or bagel shop on the south shore would be an example.
Sending peace,

HCC & friends to see New England Revolution!

Evite here:
Feel free to invite non-HCCers!
August 24th, Sat, 6:15 pm –

Summer Reads
Two reads for this summer: 

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in The American City;  author is Matthew Desmond. Learn more about Desmond’s book here:

Beautiful Boy and the author is David Sheff;  Learn more about Sheff’s book here:

Both books will be the topic of Book Decisions in the fall.

HCC Next Confirmation Class –
Rev. Pete and Pastor Sara are compiling a list of 8th grade students for the 2019-2020 Confirmation Class.  Please make sure they have your name if you are interested.
 Confirmation Class 2016

Super Saturday- October 5, 2019- 8 am-3:45 pm
Come explore, workshops, worship, and much more… Registration deadline is Sept 21st.  Check out the many activities at

Altar Flowers Sign Up

Help beautify our Sanctuary with flowers!
Please consider choosing a Sunday to provide Altar Flowers in celebration or in memory of a loved one.

Sunday August 25,
In June, volunteers got together to begin the planning for our all-church, intergenerational, fall musical event fundraiser and named it: HCC OFF BROADWAY GALA.
It promises to bring fun and fellowship, while raising some much needed support to our General Fund. All are welcome to join us for our next meeting on Sunday, August 25 after church, to continue the planning. Have a cup of coffee on the patio, then meet us in the meeting room. If you have not signed up to volunteer to help, please know we have plenty of spots and could use more assistance. For questions, contact Libby King at or Kathi Blair,

Green Tip of the Week:   
If you are taking your recycling to the transfer station in Hingham, know that as of now, the company that is picking up the plastics is selling it to Mohawk Carpets used to make synthetic carpet. The trick to recycling is to keep streams clean – rinse out containers, keep styrofoam out of boxes, sort carefully. Rinsing containers can be hard work for a jar of peanut butter and if you don’t want to be bothered, toss it in the trash: a contaminated container can cause an entire load to be rejected by the company who is purchasing it to resell to a manufacturer. Thanks.
– REPURPOSE – ROT(compost)  

Special Music Every Sunday this Summer 

8/25 Pete Allen, James Allen, Carolyn Antoine, Jan Heuman, Steve Waynen
9/1 Tracey Allen, Steve Waynen and Sarah England

Thank you Summer Music Volunteers!

You have shared your many talents and made a joyful noise during the Sunday service! For more info, call or text David Giessow at 617-686-2581 or email

September Horizons

Fall is coming and so is another very busy season in the life of the church.  Please get articles into the church office by August 27.

Homecoming Sunday and Picnic-September 8th
Worship at 10 am, followed by a picnic at Haley Field.  Also the Fellowship Committee would be appreciative if you could bring a small batch of cookies or brownies -emphasizing small!

Please keep in your prayers…
  • Meredith Anderson
  • Max Beal
  • Mark Minister, whose brother died recently
  • BJ Gorczyca
  • Family and friends of Wilma Lorenson
  • Winola Carman, Lenore Rasmussen’s mother
  • Lynn Wellings, Erin Childs’ mother
  • Betty and Tom Hulbert
  • Don Giessow, David’s Brother
  • Sara M. Holland, Suzy Burba, Winston Janusz, and Bill Ketchum, Members in Discernment
  • Vic Soldat, Nancie Mooney’s brother
  • All those affected by violence in the world; our prayer is for love, justice, and peace.

What’s Happening This Week
 August 24
 6:15 pm
HCC & Friends See N E Revolution game
 August 25
 9:00 am
Rev. Dr. Pete Allen, preaching
10:00 am Fall Fundraiser meeting
 August 29
11:00 am
Pastor Sara’s ‘Open Office Hours’ at Brewed Awakenings
September 1 10:00 am Communion Worship
Save the Date
Sept 8

Sept 16

11:00 am

8:00 am

Homecoming picnic at Haley Field

Pine Street Meal Prep
Sept 21 3:00 pm Last day to register for Super Saturday
Sept 22 2:15 pm
3:00 pm
Meet and Greet
Sara M. Holland Ordination Service,reception following
Sept 25 7:30 pm Evening Service
Oct 1
7:30 pm
Suzy Burba’s Ecclesiastical Council
Oct 2 7:30 pm Evening Service
Oct 5 8:00 am Super Saturday
Oct 6 5:00 pm Pizza and Prayer
Oct 9 7:30 pm Evening Service
Oct 20
11:20 am
Off Broadway Fundraiser Activities during coffee hour
Oct 27 11:20 am  Off Broadway Fundraiser Activities during coffee hour
Nov 2 6:00 pm Off Broadway Gala
Nov 3 11:20 am Off Broadway Fundraiser Activities during coffee hour
Hingham Congregational Church, 366 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043
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