This Week at HCC

A Note from Pete. . .
Dear Friends,
As we continue our annual Epiphany Celebration of the Arts, we will have a folk-filled service on Sunday! Please come to listen and to join in.
Also, Sara will be preaching, so we know that it will be a great morning to be in church!
See you soon,


A note from Sara …
Dear Church,
This Sunday morning we will hear from an excellent psalm and will also delve into the 12th chapter of 1st Corinthians. We will explore the ways that interfaith dialogue and ecumenism relate to the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. We’ll ask questions about spiritual gifts. Hope to see you!
Note to all High School youth and families: Breakfast Club (HS gathering during church – with fellowship and faith reflection) will take place on the first Sundays of February, March, April and May. Youth may head to the meeting room on the first floor at the beginning of worship.
Coming up:
January 21st, Mon, 9 am – 1:00 pm – Hingham Hull Religious Leaders MLK Jr. service opportunity; give here:
Sign up to volunteer here:
We suggest contributing if you sign up to help out!
Peace of Christ,

Please keep in your prayers…
  • Matt Havens, whose dad died recently
  • Rev Pete’s parents,Bruce & Marjorie, following Bruce’s stroke a few days ago
  • Friends and family of Nancy Merrill, who died recently
  • Friends and family of David Hulbert, who died recently
  • Laura Boer
  • Pat Ells
  • Liz Taylor
  • Liz Sullivan, friend of Jen Dimarzio
  • Bob O’Day
  • Sara M. Holland, Suzy Burba, Winston Janusz, and Bill Ketchum, Members in Discernment
  • All those affected by violence in the world; our prayer is for love, justice, and peace.

Men’s Retreat 2018

To the Members of the Hingham Congregational Church:
In accordance with Article VI, section 2 of the Bylaws, the members of the Hingham Congregational Church are hereby notified that the Congregational Annual Finance Meeting of the Church will take place on Sunday, January 27, 2019, in the sanctuary of the church immediately following the 10:00 a.m. worship service for the following purposes:

1. To review pledges received to date;

2. To receive reports of the Endowment &

Memorial Fund Committee and all Boards and

Committees having financial accountabilities;

3. To review the proposed budget for 2019; and

 4. To transact any other business that may

properly come before the meeting.


This is an important meeting and attendance by all members of the Congregation is requested. Child care will be provided during the meeting.

Rehearsal 11:20 am this Sunday!

The good news is that we are slightly ahead of last year’s finish in dollars, but the bad news is that we are behind in total pledges.  Moreover, if we consider the actual final result of last year’s pledging (this counts the dollars that arrive after the yearend, but prior to the finance meeting) we are $14K below that finish.
Any shortfall results in a direct reduction in Outreach funds.  There are about 80 families that have yet to pledge and we will be making a final effort to reach those folks.
If you haven’t pledged for 2019 you may receive a phone call from a member of the stewardship team to encourage you to pledge.  If you would like to share with us why you do not wish pledge please let us know so we can better understand how to improve our efforts for the future.
As always pledging is a personal decision for each of us, but knowing what to expect for the coming year is critical to support the mission of HCC.  Happy new year from the entire Stewardship Team.

Pine Street in January 21st
Pine Street Inn meal preparation is Monday, January 21.
Kitchen help needed on Monday morning at  8:00 am.
Desserts donations are also needed. Please bring the the kitchen by 9 AM on Monday morning or deliver to the church kitchen on Sunday the 20th.
Desserts should be labeled “Pine Street Inn.”
Thank you for your help with this important and needed gift of service our HCC family provides.

MLK Jr. Day of Service Opportunity
MLK Jr. Day of Service Opportunity: St. John’s the Evangelist, Hingham, MA
Martin Luther King Jr. believed that one day abundance for all would mean scarcity for none. On January 21st, the Hingham Hull Religious Leaders Association invites you to serve to remember his legacy. In Plymouth County, there are 43,000 hungry people – 13,000 of which are kids. Last year, we packaged 50,700 meals for food pantries in this county, many for Hull. We have fed over 26,000,000 hungry people so far! Let’s keep going until King’s dream is realized. Any group or individual welcome!

Poetry Sunday, February 3rd

As we continue to celebrate the arts during the season of Epiphany, we will be holding our second Poetry Sunday during worship on February 3. Poetic versions of scripture, pieces by established poets, and poems written by HCC members and friends will be shared. Please submit a poem you have written to Rev. Pete at so that your creative voice can be heard! The only requirement is that the piece should reflect in some way your experience of spirituality, faith, and/or church. You can also submit a poem written by a family member, friend, or published poet.

Fellowship Event for January 27th
Intro to Yoga!

Sunday, January 27, 3:30 at 400 Lincoln Street (Open Doors Yoga Studio),
Join us for an intro-yoga class!  We are trying a new type of event in 2019, an introductory exploration for mind & body adjustments!  Our teacher, Moira Congdon, is excited to share with you some of the basics of the yoga practice.  Don’t be intimidated, this class is open to all levels, and as they say in yoga, it is all practice. The cost is $10 per person, all are welcome (kids over 10 might enjoy, probably not for the littles). Please bring water, wear comfortable clothing, and plan to be barefoot for the actual practice.  The studio has mats to use if you don’t have one of your own to bring.
Email Stephanie Minister ( if you have any questions.  Sign up is starting this week online or at coffee hour.

Third Rock Report (TRR #3)

*** Here is the latest Green Committee Third Rock Report (TRR #3). To start the New Year we are focusing on POSITIVE news and development s regarding the future of our planet.
Don’t forget to use the hyperlinks (if they work!); for more information just click on them. (Contact Jeff Collins at if you’d like a copy of prior editions with working links.)
This report aims to serve as a go-to source of climate change news and developments, locally, nationally and globally — because we’re all in this together. ***
Third Rock Report #3 – January 10, 2019
First, the climate, energy news in 2018 was not all bad. Last year saw some amazing accomplishmentsin climate science.
Here are the biggest clean economy trends of 2018: Offshore wind is here. Utilities move to reduce carbon. Wind and solar prices continue to fall. Solar import tariffs’ effects are smaller than feared.
Climate change’s media profile rose to earn a major television news network’s attention when NBC’s Meet the Press dedicated an entire one-hour show to it on Sunday, Dec. 30.
And more Republicans  than you might think support action on climate change, as new polls suggest their views on global warming may be at a “tipping point.”
One observer in an opinion column cited two main reasons for hope on climate change. The first is that our current US administration is an outlier on the subject. His second reason for hope is a shift in shifting public opinion: “…it isn’t changing nearly as rapidly as I wish. Yet it is changing.”
The Supreme Court just declined to hear Exxon Mobil’s appeal in a climate change lawsuit.
Policy ideas are popping up all over on how to defeat climate change. There likely will be no one solution.And while it’s early days yet and still rather vague, keep your eyes on the Green New Deal (here explained) now being bandied about by those new to Congress. Prompted in part by the possibility of such a Deal, young Americans have created their own nonprofit, Sunrise, to stop climate change and create good jobs. The new organization is generating a fair amount of positive buzz.
Perhaps it’s appropriate to close with this Scientific American blog – despite its moody title – that discusses hope and climate change and ends with an Emily Dickinson poem .

Green Tip of the Week
One way to cut down on plastic bag use is to keep several REUSABLE MESH PRODUCE SACKS in your REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS. They are inexpensive, machine washable, and will save countless plastic bags over time!

For more ideas, go to

Guild Consignment Center:
 We Are Open! 

Consignment Center Hours:

Tuesdays (10am-7pm),
Wednesdays (10am-1pm),
Thursdays (10am-6pm) and Saturdays (10am-1pm).
Consigning is accepted every Tuesday and Thursday.
We are still seeking additional volunteers and can schedule your involvement to fit your lifestyle!
Contact Sarah England, Marcia Sinclair or Gail Sheilds.

 No Senior Choir Rehearsal this evening! – Rehearsal begin again on the 3rd of Jan.
Senior Choir rehearsal Thursdays 7:30pm 
Contact David Giessow for more information: 617-686-2581 cell; 
Folk Choir meets about once a month…Contact Terri Fortin (781)817-6650 and ask to be added to the folk choir email list so you will know when we sing next.
Handbell Choir
If you are interested in joining the handbell choir, contact Todd Swavey. 

What’s Happening This Week

Jan 17    7:30 pm  Senior Choir Rehearsal
Jan 20  10:00 am  Worship – Sara M. Holland
Jan 21    8:00 am  Pine Street Inn – Meal Prep
Jan 21    8:00 am  MLK Day of Service
                            (see Sara’s not above)
              8:00 am  Pine Street Inn
Jan 25   6:00 pm  Community Game Night
Save the Date
Jan 27  10:00 am  Blanket & Tool Sunday
             11:00 am  Annual Finance Meeting
              3:30 pm  Fellowship – Beginning Yoga
Mar  3   5 – 5:00 pm  All Church Bowling!
Mar 29/30   Women’s Retreat – Miramar