This Week at HCC

          This Week at HCC
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Sunday May 19, 10:00am

Hingham Congregational Church

378 Main Street, Hingham MA 02043

Hingham Congregational Church Newsletter

Hingham Congregational Church Newsletter
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May 19 – Worship & Mental Health Sunday, Baptism Sunday
10:00 am Pastor Sara M. Holland


May 26 – Worship   
10:00 am 
Rev. Dr. Peter Allen  


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A Note from Sara
Jr. Choir
Tip of the Week
What’s Happening this Week

A note from Pete… 
Dear Friends,
This is a big weekend for HCC!
Thank you to all who have signed up to help with the Taste of Hingham, which takes place this Saturday. This is one of our most important events of the year. We host thousands of our neighbors, promote local businesses, and raise about $20,000 for local charities. The taste of Hingham shows that we are a welcoming, compassionate church that loves to connect with others and have fun together. If you haven’t done so yet, please go to our website and sign up to help with set up, clean up, and ticket sales. We also need help with composting (no need to sign up; just show up in Hingham Square for any length of time between noon and 3).
If you can’t help, please at least come and enjoy!
Sara will be preaching on Sunday and we will baptize little Sage Janusz. A great morning to be in church.
See you downtown on Saturday and in worship on Sunday!

A note from Sara …
Dear Church,
This weekend we will imagine together. As we dive into the book of Revelation on Sunday morning, we’ll acknowledge the broader UCC’s naming of this Sunday as Mental Health Sunday. We will consider topics relating to the apocalyptic mindsets of our faith ancestors and offer extra space to reflect on what ‘the New Heaven and the New Earth’ might look like for us today. Also, we have a baptism – come greet young Sage!
We can always use shepherds –  If you feel unprepared or not ready to shepherd and would like to chat more about what it entails, please email me for more information.
Thanks to all families that shared the youth in your family with the group last weekend for the lock-in and the volunteers who helped out – they had a blast!
Peace of Christ,

Lobster Roll Reminder


Please keep in your prayers…
  • Vic Soldat, Nancie Mooney’s brother
  • Kim Carbonneau, whose mother died recently
  • Nancy Seibel, whose father died recently
  • Eugene Buczynski, whose father died recently
  • Dick Sinclair, whose mother died recently
  • Mary Griffin, whose mother died recently
  • Debra Walker, whose father died recently
  • Richard Hollander, whose mother died recently
  • Lynn Wellings, Erin Childs’ mother
  • Friends and family of Mary Lynd Dolphin, who passed away recently
  • Family and friends of Elna Soule, who passed away recently
  • Betty and Tom Hulbert
  • Friends and Family of Sydney Monfries
  • Don Giessow, David’s Brother
  • St. John’s UCC, Brighton, IL
  • Sara M. Holland, Suzy Burba, Winston Janusz, and Bill Ketchum, Members in Discernment
  • All those affected by violence in the world; our prayer is for love, justice, and peace.

No Jr. choir Rehearsal this Sunday


Taste of Hingham

Volunteers needed!
Taste of Hingham is coming up on Saturday! If you are able, please sign up online to volunteer! 

Pine Street Inn Meal Prep on Monday
Pine Street Inn meal is May 20. Meal preparation begins at 8:00 am on Monday morning, May 20, in the HCC kitchen. Kitchen help is always appreciated. Desserts for Pine Street Inn may be dropped off at the HCC kitchen on Sunday morning or by 9:00 am on Monday.

To the Members of the Hingham Congregational Church:
In accordance with Article VI, section 2 of the Bylaws, the members of the Hingham Congregational Church are hereby notified that the Congregational Annual Meeting of the Church will take place on Sunday, May 19, 2019, in the sanctuary of the church immediately following the 10:00 a.m. worship service for the following purposes:
  1. To hear and vote on the annual reports of the Boards and Committees;
  2. To hear and vote on the slate of officers, Boards and Committees presented by the Nominating Committee and endorsed by the Executive Council, these to take effect at the conclusion of the meeting;
  3. To discuss establishing a formal guideline to be provided to the Treasurer for the Church’s annual outreach expense for use in preparation of the annual budget;
  4. To vote on extending a congregational call to Sara M. Holland to confirm her current position as Minister of Christian Education.
  5. To transact any other business that may properly come before the meeting.
This is an important meeting and attendance by all members of the Congregation is requested. Child care will be provided during the meeting.
Pam Bates

Altar Flowers Sign Up

Help beautify our Sanctuary with flowers!
Please consider choosing a Sunday to provide Altar Flowers in celebration or in memory of a loved one.

Green Tip of the Week
BE A FOOD WASTE WARRIOR according to “,” the average family of 4 can waste up to $1500 a year by wasting food. TIP #1: Keep what looks and smells good. “Expiration,” “sell by,” and “best by” dates are almost all arbitrary- some determined by regulators, some by manufacturers. Properly stored, some (unopened) ingredients, like canned fish, can last for years; others, like dried herbs, start declining in quality the moment they are sealed in a container.
For ideas on how to be a FOOD WASTE WARRIOR

June 2nd Planning Meeting
Coming soon – Fall 2019
Planning Meeting, June 2 after church
An all church event is in the beginning planning stages with Libby King and Kathi Blair chairing the effort to bring this “Friend-Raiser, Fun-Raiser and Fund-Raiser” to HCC. There will be musical teasers in worship service on October 20th, 27th, and then games, raffles and activities also on the 20th and 27th during coffee hour.   The main event will be an evening gala with a dinner, entertainment, silent and live auction on Saturday night November 2nd from 6-10 p.m. right in our own Hale Fellowship Hall.  We will wrap it up the fun with raffle drawings, etc. on Sunday November 3rd during coffee hour.
 The theme will be “HCC On Broadway”, a musical extravaganza.  A planning meeting will be held in the meeting room after worship service on Sunday, June 2. We are looking for volunteers to help.   Please come to find out more. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Libby King, (, or Kathi Blair, ( See you on June 2.

 HCC Women’s Dinner

What’s Happening This Week

May 16 7:30 pm Sr. Choir Rehearsal
May 18 Taste of Hingham
May 19 10:00 am Worship & Mental Health Sunday, Baptism Sunday – Pastor Sara M. Holland
11:20 am Annual Meeting
5:00 pm Confirmation (with light dinner and education on creating stoles)
May 20 8:00 am Pine St. Inn Meal Prep
7:00 pm Service Trippers to clean kitchen for lobster roll sale
May 21 7:00 pm Tuesday Night Bible Study
7:00 pm Service Trippers to prepare lobster meat
May 22 5:00 am Service Trippers to Hale Fellowship Hall for final lobster prep; pick up for rolls begins at 6 am.
 6:30 pm Confirmation with stole creation; substantial snack provided
May 23 9:00 am Growing In Faith Together
7:30 pm Sr. Choir Rehearsal
Save the Date
June 1 9-11:00 am Active Threat Training
June 2 11:20 am Planning Meeting for Fundraiser
 June 8 Boston Pride Parade
June 15 9-3:00 pm Open & Affirming Anniversary Gathering Framingham
July29-Aug 2 Vacation Bible School
Register here:
Nov 2 Fall Fundraising Gala
Hingham Congregational Church, 366 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043
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