Dear Guatemala Mission Trip Participants and Parents,

We hope you had a joyful and meaningful Christmas.

We have some updated information for you from our friends at Mayan Families. Please read this email through as there is information that you will need as we prepare for our trip.

Hotels: Mayan Families is arranging for our hotels. We will spend our first night in Guatemala City and the rest of the week in Panajachel. The hotels are nice and are comparable to US accommodations. Towels and Wi-Fi are provided. We will need to drink (and brush teeth with) bottled water at the hotels, which they provide.
We asked Mayan Families what kind of things we could bring down and their first answer was books. Let’s start thinking about how and when we might do a book drive (Spanish language) this winter or spring.
I am attaching the Volunteer Support Packet to this email. It is full of great information. Please read it through!
Dress code: Mayan Families asks that volunteers dress modestly, as Maya culture is conservative. This means short sleeves (for both genders, no tank tops), shorts that go to the knee, skirts that go to the knee, and nothing too tight, ripped, or revealing.
Our Travel Team is working on airline tickets and we will let you know what our itinerary is as soon as we can.
Mayan Families will be arranging for our transportation within Guatemala.
We are working with Mayan Families to choose projects for our week. When we meet on Sunday, the 8th, we will discuss our options.

We will continue to reach out with helpful information as we move forward. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Please note that our next meeting for all Mission Trip participants is Sunday, the 8th, at 11:30 a.m. Location: The Nash home, 54 Middle Street, Hingham. This meeting will be for participants only (not parents, unless you are going on the trip).

Peace and Hope for the New Year,

Pete, Tracy, and Sara

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