Youth Mission Trips


Each summer for 28 years, members of the HCC Senior High Youth Program have spent a week on a mission trip to help senior citizens, the disabled and others in need with home repairs and light construction.  These mission projects are planned and carried out at various locations throughout the country.  Our young people are often challenged to reach goals that may seem impossible to them at the outset.  They learn to work and live with youth and adults with diverse backgrounds from different parts of the country. Throughout the year, with help from the congregation, the youth work hard to raise the money necessary for participation in this program.  Most participants, the adult advisors as well as the youth, find the experience faith-strengthening and deeply rewarding. For more information contact the church office at 781-749-1276 and speak with Rev. Pete.


Youth Mission 2017

We will be traveling to Panajachel, Guatemala in June. We will be working with an organization called Mayan Families, a group that is dedicated to helping the indigenous people of the country. Read More…