Love Around the World

LAWpicTask Force

Mission Statement

To help make the world a more understanding and caring place.

To bring to light in our church the problems as well as the joys of different peoples, lands, and cultures — particularly in developing countries and those in crisis.

To help members and friends of Hingham Congregational Church envision their personal involvement in the larger world, to empower those called to serve others in the world community, and to encourage the sharing of related personal experiences with our community.

To further God’s work in developing countries/countries in crisis by providing:

Connections between our church and service opportunities in these countries.

Interactive, inter-generational programming on the global community and service opportunities.

Recognition and supportive prayer for any church members, friends, or people known by our church community who are traveling to and serving in these countries.

Information about organizations serving in these countries, particularly those organizations in which a church member has served.

Support through collecting funds and/or items of need to be sent to a developing country or a country in crisis.

To oversee the implementation and effectiveness of the Joseph E. Eaton Emissaries Endowment program.