Governance and Leadership

At the heart of historic Congregationalism is the belief that the best, most faithful decisions are worked out in groups where each person has a voice. This belief shapes Hingham Congregational Church’s approach to decision making. Like all churches with Congregational roots, HCC is governed by the members of the congregation in trusting partnership with its pastors—guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Members prayerfully call ministers to serve, discern directions for ministry, draw up and approve budgets, and organize ourselves for ministry and mission in the world.

All this calls for the participation of gifted and generous lay leaders, and opportunities abound for helping shape and lead our life in community. We believe that everyone in our community, new or long established , has something important to offer, and we aim to help everyone who wishes to take part find just the right place for their strengths and gifts. Each year the Nominating Committee works to help people identify their gifts and areas of interest, and to help them find ways to get involved at HCC. If you would like to be involved , please let our pastor or one of the deacons know.

HCC is led by the following Officers, Boards and Committees:

Church Leadership
Officers ( Moderator, Assistant Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer,  and Members at Large)
Executive Council (comprised of Officers and Chairs of Boards and Committees)

Worship and Spiritual Life
Board of Deacons
Music Committee

Christian Formation
Board of Christian Education

Fellowship Committee

Board of Outreach

Stewardship of our Resources
Board of Stewardship
Board of Trustees
Endowment and Memorial Fund
Staff Relations Committee
Finance Committee