Wonderful Wednesdays are for grades 3- 4 & 5. We meet in the afternoon on the 1st Wednesday of the month on early release days from school. It’d all about a time to play games, snack, and hangout.


The Middle School Youth Group meets once or twice a month to begin experiencing the broader meaning of being a Christian in todays world. This is the beginning of building a group that learns to trust, respect and work with one another. These attributes will become increasingly important as this group moves on to high school.


Each summer for 30 years, members of the HCC Senior High Youth Program have spent a week on a mission trip to help senior citizens, the disabled and others in need with home repairs and light construction.  These mission projects are planned and carried out at various locations throughout the country.  Our young people are often challenged to reach goals that may seem impossible to them at the outset. Read more….


The Senior High Youth Group explores a broad range of topics and activities during the school. Service to others is a key element in this group, and many opportunities are available from helping feed the hungry, distribute clothing to the needy and talking with the lonely. The group meets every Sunday evening. The Workcamp trip is also a part of this groups mission experience.


Sunday morning gathering for High Schoolers that are looking for a chance to meet and share. Lead by lay leaders, this group gathers to experience all the aspects of being part of a Christian community, with emphasis on the fun stuff, and also to share some food.


A church school class that focuses on being a Christian in the 21st century. What did Christ teach and what does the bible say that can help us live in the fast past world of today. The class is discussion oriented and participation by all is encouraged.

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