El Salvador


ASAPROSAR is a Spanish acronym for the NGO in El Salvador that promotes the health and well being of its neediest population. It was started 40 years ago by Dr. Vicky Guzman, as she rode on horseback to provide medical care in the rural areas of the country, and now serves over 140,000 Salvadorans. Community leaders are identified and trained in the various aspects of the 6 programs:

Community Health
Rural Pre-School Program “Sprouts of Hope”
Urban Youth Program “Barefoot Angels”
Microcredit Environment and Farm Animals
Visual Health

Our church was inspired by the late Joe Eaton as he described his trips to El Salvador. In August, 2013 10 members from Hingham HCC made the trip to El Salvador and added in the installation of wood burning stoves. See some of the pictures from the trip and watch Emma Burr’s video below. Please visit the website to learn more, and to find out how you can get involved! www.ASAPROSAR.org