Facilities Use Form




Thank you for considering Hingham Congregational Church (HCC) to host your event.  HCC has been an active member of the Hingham community since it was founded in 1847.  In 2017, we completed a major renovation and renewal of our facilities, making it more convenient, accessible and inviting.  We are excited to be able to better serve our community and are pleased to offer our facilities for your use.  We will do everything we can to make your experience at HCC enjoyable.  Our Facilities Use Policy is outlined below.  Please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 781-749-1276 if you have any questions.

The HCC facilities may be reserved individuals and groups whose activities conform to the inclusive mission of our church. As an open and affirming community, we welcome all persons inclusive of race, ethnicity, class, age, religion, gender, physical or mental ability, marital or familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. 

These are the general rules and conditions that all groups must comply with to use the facilities at Hingham Congregational Church.  All groups using the facilities must complete the Facilities Use Agreement Form and submit it to the church office (366 Main Street) at least 45 days before the event.

  1. Smoking is not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds.
  2. A Certificate of Insurance for your organization’s policy naming Hingham Congregational Church as an additional insured and stating liability coverage of at least $1M must be provided with the HCC Facilities Use Agreement Form.  If your organization is not insured, we can provide you with information for obtaining a short term Tulip Policy.  Please see our Office Administrator for that information.   
  3. Alcohol Policy:
    1. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.  However, alcoholic beverages (beer and wine only) may be served in moderation by special permission from Hingham Congregational Church. 
    1. If the event is a fundraiser, the event will be subject to Hingham Board of Health conditions.  A one-day liquor license is required and must be obtained from the Hingham Board of Selectmen.  The form can be found at  https://www.hingham-ma.gov/DocumentCenter/View/5010.  Proof of the license and town approval must be presented to the church office before approval of the event by Hingham Congregational Church.  All requirements for serving alcohol at a Fundraiser in Hingham may be obtained by contacting the Town of Hingham.
  4. Food and drink are permitted in Hale Fellowship Hall, the kitchen, and patio only (not in the sanctuary or classrooms).
  5. The kitchen is a warming kitchen, not a commercial kitchen suitable for food preparation.  Therefore, food can be prepared in another location and brought to our facility for warming and serving only. 
  6. No open flames permitted, except for wedding candles in the sanctuary with the approval of the minister.  In Hale Fellowship Hall, votive candles (enclosed candles), may be used with special permission.
  7. No blocking of fire exits, patio doors or elevator access.
  8. Decorations:
    1. No items shall be hung on the walls.  No tape, nails or tacks.  No equipment or decorations are permitted that may damage or scratch the floors.  For display items, there is a groove along the top of the chair rail where posters can rest and lean against the wall, or easels can be used.
    1. No special effects may be used without prior special permission.
    1. No glitter, confetti, rice or birdseed inside or outside the buildings.  Bubbles are permitted.
  9. Animals (except service animals) are not permitted without special permission.
  10. The organ and pianos may only be used by special permission in advance.
  11. No one shall ring the steeple bell without advance permission.
  12. Use of Audio/Visual equipment is prohibited without prior permission.
  13. All trash and recycling must be removed by the user immediately following the event by the user.  If trash is not removed the user will be charged $50 for each bag of garbage/trash/recycling that HCC needs to remove.  Please note that HCC is a “green” church.  Recycling is encouraged. 
  14. A Hingham Congregational Church Facilities Manager or other HCC staff member or representative must be present at all events at a rate of $50/hour. 
  15. All clean up and vacating of the building must be completed one hour after the event ends.  All events (including clean-up time) must be concluded by 11:00 p.m.  The user will be responsible for leaving the space clean and in the same condition as it was found.
  16. The HCC Tables and chairs may be used within the building and patio area only.  No tables and chairs are permitted to leave the property.
  17. HCC reserves the right to refuse to rent our facilities for any reason, and particularly if the event is not consistent with our values and mission.
  18. A refundable security deposit of $300 is required.  Costs of repairing damage or unreasonable wear and tear to the facilities, furnishings or equipment will be deducted from the security deposit and/or paid by the user if the damage exceeds the cost of the deposit.

I have read and understand the terms of use for the facilities at the Hingham Congregational Church:

Signature of user:______________________________________________________________

Primary contact:_____________________________________Date:_____________________

Name of your organization:______________________________________________________

Event name and event date:_____________________________________________________

Insurance information__________________________________________________________

Updated October 2019



Date of application:______________________________________________

Name of organization:______________________________________________________

Address of organization:____________________________________________________

Primary contact name:______________________________________________________

Primary contact phone and email:_____________________________________________

Primary contact address:____________________________________________________

Emergency contact during event:________________________cell phone _____________

Date of function:___________________________________________________________

Type of function:___________________________________________________________

Beginning time of function:______________________Ending time:__________________

Name of church member sponsor if applicable:____________________________________

Room(s), equipment and furnishings requested:_____________________________________


Please describe the intended use of the facilities:_____________________________________

Number of persons attending:_______________________________________

Space Church Member/Non Profit, (501c3) Non-Members/Outside groups
Sanctuary: Occupancy 300 max. Donation $300
Hale Fellowship Hall Without Food and Beverage: Occupancy: 100 Seated 200 Standing   $200 $500
Hale Fellowship Hall With Food and Beverage $300 $600
Classrooms Occupancy: 20 Donation $25/hour

Rental Fee for Space:  Check all that apply

Sanctuary                                            ____________                                    $____________________

Hale Fellowship Hall

 without food and beverage             _____________                      $____________________

Hale Fellowship Hall with food        _____________                      $____________________

Classroom                                           _____________                      $____________________

Refundable damage deposit                                                                                     $350

Custodian/Staff/Church Rep. fees,

($50/hr, 2 hour minimum)    # of hours___________                     Total $_______________

TOTAL RENTAL FEE:                                                                                   $_____________

An initial deposit of one half of total rental fee is due upon signing this agreement.  The balance is due one week before the event.  This signed form (page 1) must be accompanied by the signed Facilities Use Policy Agreement. 

Indemnification agreement: To the fullest extent permitted by law, I, the undersigned, and my organization, agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Hingham Congregational Church, its officers, directors, employees, and members from and against all claims, suits, and/or causes of action for bodily injury, including death therefrom, personal injury, and/or property damage caused by the user, their guests or invitees. 

I have read the enclosed policy of Hingham Congregational Church Use of Facilities by Outside Organizations and I agree to abide by those terms.

Primary contact signature:_____________________________________Date______________

Return this form with payment to:  Hingham Congregational Church, 366 Main Street, Hingham, MA  02043.  781-749-1276


Office Use Only:

Application received on, (date):______________________by ___________________________

Board of Trustee approval date:______________________________

Name of Trustee_______________________________________________________________

Minister signature, (if required)___________________________________________________

Security deposit received, (date)_________________Amount            $______________________

Paid in full, (date)_____________________________Amount:            $______________________

Insurance information of Tenant __________________________________________________

                                                                                                            Updated October 2019