Our church as had a long and productive relationship with the people of Haiti and in particular The United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti. Members of our church take at least 2 trips per year to work with the Foundation, at their schools, the orphanage and the hospital. This relationship was going on for decades prior to the earthquake in 2010, and the needs for this poor country seem to never slow.

The United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti (USFCH) is organized to provide financial, medical, and religious support and assistance to the needy children of Haiti through its dedication to Foundation Pour Les Enfants d’Haiti (FEH). FEH is a Haitian organization, without ties to the Haitian government, which works to save the lives of children in Haiti. FEH is recognized by both the United States and Haitian governments as an official non-government organization (NGO). The projects of FEH include an orphanage, elementary school, nursery, home for handicapped children and hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti. Through these facilities children who might otherwise die as a consequence of the worst poverty in the western hemisphere have an opportunity to live and grow in an environment of love and security. For more information:http://www.usfch.org