Organ Fundraiser to Complete the Organ Refurbishment

And Keep the Organ Running 

Goal $91,500


Every gift for this will help – to make our goal for this important music project we need some substantial donations as well  (see example gift pyramid below).


Background and explanation of the work:


As many of you know, we embarked on an organ mending and refurbishment in 2018.  Multiple phases were planned.


Phase 1 – Refurbish the 1000+ pipes – a once in 100-year project COMPLETED 2018


Phase 2 – Replace the sound-confining wooden shutters with acoustical fabric



Phase 3 – Releather the bellows



Phase 4 – Replace the console

Planned for 2025


The work that has been completed represented the majority of the project (which was interrupted by the pandemic).  We are now at the final phase: replacing the organ console (or key desk) which is the control center of the organ.  The current console uses obsolete electronic devices (like a computer) to communicate with the pipes. These are now past end of life and the sound will stop when it dies – like computers do. 


The plan is to replace the console with a reclaimed one that uses mechanical and electric components that are replaceable when needed (a more traditional set up).   


The cost of the unit (which has already been found) and installing it is $91,500.  It will be installed in 2025 and will bring us beautiful music for the next 100 years.  

Reply with questions to one or all of us:
Ed Bartholomew
Steve Waynen 
Payments can be made in 2024 and 2025 in instalments or a lump sum.