Our History


Our church began in 1847 when the Rev. E. Porter Dyer was sent to Hingham to survey the “practicability of establishing the evangelical congregational preaching in this ancient town.”  The genial Dyer reported that “one hundred thirteen dollars could be raised for the support of preaching… provided there was permanency in the enterprise.”  A congregation of 11 members and 40 “hearers” gathered December 21, 1847 to start the building, and organized a Sabbath school in 1848.

To the original building, electric lights were added and the Peace window in the balcony was installed during the great Victorian re-decoration of the late 1800’s.

The Forties and early Fifties heralded an increase in lay participation in all aspects of operating the church.  The Marshall Room was added in 1949, and the three floors of the Sunday School wing in 1953.  An active men’s group finished the work on the shell which had been erected to house these rooms.

Our church structure is a reflection both of our roots and of our hands-on approach to congregational ministry.  Our spiritual and social heritage is evident from cornice to cornerstone, from our 118 foot steeple to our warm and caring people.  Inside the walls of the church, you will find an active, committed, Spirit filled worshiping community.