Financially, Hingham Congregational Church is entirely self-supporting. Without the generous gifts of everyone who participates in our community, we could not have the thriving life we now enjoy. Good stewardship involves financial support of the church. This support comes in many forms, for example —

Annual Stewardship pledging

— The pledge is our yearly commitment by each member of our church community to support the church by donating a prayerfully-discerned portion of our annual income. Pledging is the basic building block of financial stewardship at HCC.


We are excited to be back in church with the hope for a strong future not only for our church but for our community. “Together We Thrive,” our Stewardship theme this year, is how we’ll accomplish all we aim to do for our congregation as well as our community.

Similar to “trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season,” only together can we thrive and spread our love. Going from a “mindset of scarcity” to a “mindset of abundance,” allows us to move from thinking that there will never be enough to realizing this is a world where we can all share and give so there is enough for everyone – together we thrive. Martin Luther King Jr. saw the world abundantly – despite all the injustice he confronted. He knew that together with God’s spirit we can create and renewed community. And no matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome to find community at HCC.

We recognize that inflation has made things more expensive and tighter on the wallet. This is the case for the church as well. As costs rise, so do the expenses our church must face. We challenge you to think boldly about the love that HCC shares not only with our community but with our surrounding communities and the world. We are self-funded, so our combined pledges determine the scope of our services. We are committed to the philosophy of faith-based giving –giving that isn’t based on dollar amounts but on what works best for each individual or family with God’s help. The Stewardship Board would love as much participation as possible, regardless of amount, whether that be $50, $500, $5,000, or more for the year. We would just like everyone to participate. If you have pledged in the past, we would like you to consider increasing your faith promise especially due to our increased costs. Our goal again this year is to receive 150 faith-based pledges. We humbly ask that you consider giving back to this wonderful home that has given and continues to give to each of us and together as a community. Together We Thrive.


The Board of Stewardship


— If you would like to make a donation, you can do so below

Special gifts and offerings

— Every year we invite special gifts for special occasions such as a youth mission trip, or a gift the church wishes to make to an external project in collaboration with another group or church. You can make a special gift to one of these causes either at church or on-line below.

Planned giving, bequests

— HCC has been the beneficiary of many generous gifts in the past. Each generation has a responsibility to the next. Therefore, we are honored when our members and friends leave gifts to the church in their wills. This kind of giving extends our good stewardship far into the future. If you would like to include Hingham Congregational Church in your will and need some guidance about this matter, please contact the church office.

Pledge & Special Giving